Saturday, 28 July 2018

Summer News & Programme 2019

Greetings from Los Olivos! We hope you're having a good Summer.
We've had a great range of retreats here at the centre over the past few months, led by some truly inspirational retreat leaders, including Bishop Karen Gorham, Angela Ashwin, Emma Percy and Andrew Bain. We're now looking forward to the last retreats of the year in the late summer, and especially to welcoming our good friends Mark Burrows and John Bell.
As you are aware, we put the house on the market early this year. We are pleased to let you know that we have recently had an offer on the house. All things being well, we expect to complete the sale in the autumn, after the end of our retreat season. Please, pray for us over the coming months during this transition, and pray for Franco, Frida and Milo, the future owners of Los Olivos, as they prepare to move to the mountains from their home in Sweden to run a holistic health and yoga retreat centre at the hacienda.
Finally, we are very pleased to announce that in 2019 we will be running two very special retreats in Andalucia. In June next year we will travel to Córdoba for a special retreat exploring the three faiths of the Book in this Unesco heritage city; and in September, we will host another retreat in Málaga, where we hope to reignite our spiritual sense of wonder through poetry, art and nature. You can find out further details at our brand new website: 
These two retreats have limited spaces, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Warm regards from the Sierra Nevada.
Guy and Daniel

Monday, 9 July 2018

This week we look forward to welcoming Andrew Bain from Scotland

He will be giving insights into St Benedict's - Way of Peace and how that can be a path to the peace and joy we seek in our own lives.

Recent times have seen events which have made us question how we can find a better way forward for the human family. Political upheavals, terrorism and religious fundamentalism have all played their part in creating a profound sense of insecurity and uncertainty. It was into just such a situation that Benedict was born in 480AD. In a world of conflict his communities stood out as beacons of light and hope. Today his “Rule” still has wisdom to help us in our journey of life and faith. 


Sunday, 1 July 2018

This week we welcome Emma Percy to Los Olivos

She will be leading a retreat called "Being Good Enough" 

In a world of perfectionism what does it mean to be good enough? If we are engaged in caring for others, in building up communities and in Christian ministry, in the widest sense of that word, how do we value the intangible aspects of our work? Exploring the idea of being ‘good enough’, of virtue and care can re-energise those of us who feel drained from giving out and help us to speak meaningfully about the important things we do. Emma is the author of What clergy do especially when it looks like nothing (SPCK, 2014).

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

This week we welcome Bishop Karen Gorham.

She will be helping us to "Step Back" and will offer those with busy lives the chance to nourish the soul, and be resourced and refreshed spiritually.  It will include time for personal space as well as input and group discussions facilitated by Bishop Karen Gorham (Diocese of Salisbury).


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Looking foward to 2018 & Welcoming Angela Ashwin

It feels like it's been a long Winter and not very much Spring! Like the rest of Northern Europe we have had quite an unusual last 6 months in terms of weather. Thankfully the rain came - and in abundance. This means that the reservoir at the bottom of the mountain is nearly full, and the water resources here in Spain are replenished. It also means that the countryside is looking very green, and the flowers in the mountains are spectacular this year.

We have been busy in the last couple of weeks preparing the house, and trying to get gardens under control, as it warms up everything seems to be growing, almost as you look at it.

We are especially looking forward to this year, as we host our last season of retreats here at the house, welcoming new guests, and also many that have joined us before.

If you are coming this year, we are really looking forward to seeing you soon.

greetings from the mountains

Guy and Dani

This week we are looking forward to welcoming Angela Ashwin for her retreat on:-

Risk, Discovery and Freedom: Insights from the Desert Fathers and Mothers.

Drawing on teachings and anecdotes from some of the colourful characters who went into the deserts of Egypt, Palestine and Syria from the 4th century, this retreat will be a chance to reflect on our own 'desert' or 'wilderness' experiences. While the Desert Fathers and Mothers practised extreme austerity and could come across as eccentric or abrupt, they were also good hosts and wise guides, and we will explore ways in which their freedom of spirit and self-abandonment to God can encourage us now in our discipleship and daily lives.