Wednesday, 3 October 2018

San Juan arrives in Ubeda

Yesterday we had quite a nerve wracking time with the moving of the sculpture of St John of the Cross to his new home in Ubeda. We started by having to remove him from his spot here at Los Olivos. He was "glued" in, so this meant a crane having to nudge him in small stages to release him from the floor.
He was then lifted over the back wall, and onto a lorry to begin his journey to the monastery. The trip down the track had to be at walking pace, to ensure that none of the statue was damaged on the way down.
On arrival he was given a police escort to the monastery through the medieval streets of the old town, where after 2 hours of maneuvers with a fork lift truck he was finally inched into the correct positioning. The whole process took 12 hours!

We are so pleased with his new home - the monastery where San Juan died, and also in the most amazing spot on the old town walls. It is like he was made for this spot.

He will also be enjoyed by the many people that go on retreat at the monastery each year. This could not be a better place.

There will be an inauguration ceremony on Saturday for his arrival, and we'll post some pictures.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Moving San Juan

Today we have been preparing San Juan for his moving from the patio here at Los Olivos. We have had 2 specialist art removal men on site, preparing the box that will be used to transport San Juan to the Carmelite monastery in Ubeda.
A crane will come tomorrow to load the statue onto a lorry and then we will drive with San Juan to the city, and oversee the unloading and moving through the small medieval streets to the monastery. It's going to be quite an event.
Please pray that he will arrive and be installed there in one piece.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

This week we look forward to welcoming John Bell, for our last retreat at the Los Olivos centre

He will be introducing us to Gifts from the Globe .. . .. 

If God created and loved the whole world, perhaps it is time that Western Christians became aware of the poetry, theology, worship traditions and song from the Southern Hemisphere. It might save us from imagining God as an anglophone deity who sits on a throne draped in red, white and blue in whatever constellation. Asia, Africa and South America have great spiritual gifts and insights to offer - some of  which we will share in this retreat. 


Monday, 3 September 2018

This week we are pleased to welcome back Mark Burrows

He will be focusing on Rilke’s later poems, inviting participants to consider how we might answer the poet’s call to “do the heart-work with the images [we] hold within us,” coming to see that “the world, the more we observe it, wants to flourish in love.” 

What this can mean calls us into the deep of our own lives, suggesting what it might mean to dare transformation in our lives. We will also consider short excerpts from Rilke’s remarkable letters to augment our work with the poems. Retreatants will be invited to keep a journal in the form of letters written to friends—an old fashioned soul/art that needs reviving in our times.



Saturday, 28 July 2018

Summer News & Programme 2019

Greetings from Los Olivos! We hope you're having a good Summer.
We've had a great range of retreats here at the centre over the past few months, led by some truly inspirational retreat leaders, including Bishop Karen Gorham, Angela Ashwin, Emma Percy and Andrew Bain. We're now looking forward to the last retreats of the year in the late summer, and especially to welcoming our good friends Mark Burrows and John Bell.
As you are aware, we put the house on the market early this year. We are pleased to let you know that we have recently had an offer on the house. All things being well, we expect to complete the sale in the autumn, after the end of our retreat season. Please, pray for us over the coming months during this transition, and pray for Franco, Frida and Milo, the future owners of Los Olivos, as they prepare to move to the mountains from their home in Sweden to run a holistic health and yoga retreat centre at the hacienda.
Finally, we are very pleased to announce that in 2019 we will be running two very special retreats in Andalucia. In June next year we will travel to Córdoba for a special retreat exploring the three faiths of the Book in this Unesco heritage city; and in September, we will host another retreat in Málaga, where we hope to reignite our spiritual sense of wonder through poetry, art and nature. You can find out further details at our brand new website: 
These two retreats have limited spaces, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Warm regards from the Sierra Nevada.
Guy and Daniel